Wednesday, September 4, 2013

windows 8 loader
Hello guys, I am going to share about windows 8 activation. May be you face some problem during the first installation of windows 8 operating system. However you know microsoft windows operating system is not a freeware operating system and we need to pay for it. The price is approximately 70$ and this is too much expensive for middle class people. You can use a trial of windows 8 operating system and make this activate using a windows 8 loader software on your computer. I collect a lot windows 8 loader from internet but most of them are useless and they will not activate your pc. But here I bring 3 outstanding and working windows 8 loader for you and they will work like a charm. So, here is the details of those windows 8 loader:

Windows 8 Loader By Daz V2.0.13:

The best software to activate windows 8. This loader tool is easy to use and can activate almost any edition of windows 8 operating system? You can download this windows 8 loader by daz v2.0.13 from below link. After download finish extract the software using winrar tool. Open the software and click "Activate Me". Restart your pc and check the activation status.

Windows 8 Loader v1.7.9:

If you are using windows 8 beta version then this windows 8 loader can help you. It can activate your windows 8 operating with just 2 click. Download from below link and make activate your operating system.

Windows 8 Activator Loader 2013:

An advance windows 8 activation tool. If you are an advance pc user then you should try this. This windows 8 loader make a profile and can activate any version of windows operating system and windows software. You can also activate microsoft office or other microsoft product. Download link given below.

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